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Cool balloon picture 78011Title: 42-foot Spinosaurus
Creator: Mark Verge

Description: Here I am fixing one of his teeth. This is one of my favorite dinosaurs, as seen in Jurassic Park 3. It was larger then a T-rex but not as strong. The t-rex has bone crushing power where the Spiosaurus is not nearly as strong as its main diet is fish. Kind of think of a T-rex like Mike Tyson and a Spinossaurus as a 7-foot basketball player. Some interesting facts about Spino's is it has long arms probably aided in fishing and spine on his back was probably used to help regulate his body temperature or to possibly attract a female. It lived at least 30 million years before the T-rex. Now all I need to make is a long-neck dinosaur like a 90-foot Apatosaurus or Diplodocus. Just need to find a place to make it up here in Canada in the next couple of months then I will have created most of my favorites. I know to some it seems odd to want to make all these dinosaurs but I find them so interesting especially trying to make them life-size.

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Photographer: Friend

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